Dr Krick provides specialised care and support throughout puberty, pregnancy and menopause


Pregnancy is both a scary and exciting journey. Each mother’s pregnancy journey is a unique experience and Dr Krick provides you with guidance and support throughout to make it happy and memorable.

Your pregnancy is very precious and so deserves all the protection that modern obstetrics can provide. Throughout your pregnancy Dr Krick monitors your health carefully and personalises your care. She aims to optimise your health to provide an ideal environment for the development and growth of your baby.

Every mother has a unique vision for the birth of her baby, therefore Dr Krick strives to honour moms’ choices while making the safety the most important consideration. Her aim is to have a happy mother and a healthy baby.


With the aim of maintaining health, preventing illness and treating disease, Dr Krick provides individualised and specialised gynaecological care. Throughout puberty, pregnancy and menopause, a woman's reproductive organs are constantly changing through the normal processes of maturation, sexual activity, pregnancy and aging; and sometimes disease and injury. Dr Krick’s extensive experience and knowledge enables her to provide you with excellent care.

Minimally Invasive Gynaecological Procedures